chaga tea 2 (2)red_maca_powder_bowl (2)

Welcome to 44 Parallel Superfoods!  We are a Vermont-based small company committed to providing the best in all natural, organic healing superfoods. 

Our chaga is sustainably harvested by us personally from birch trees deep in the forests of Vermont.  Our maca comes directly from the ancient highlands of Peru, where our family has resided for several millennia.  We are honored to share these gifts of Mother Earth with the world.

Follow the links above to learn more about and purchase our products.  For multiple-item purchases, e-mail us at to receive discounted shipping prices.  We thank you in advance and send infinite love and light your way!!!

– 44 Parallel Superfoods family


  1. thanks for the ital is vital, energy for every day, we need healing, and this is one of my main source of superfood now :D.
    jahlove blessed love. big up to jah works radio! big up D RO!


  2. Big Ups 44 Parallel Superfoods! Big Ups D-Ro and Fam! Big Ups Jah Works Radio! Gonna get a shipment up to us here in Anchorage soon! Thanks for keeping us blissed and blessed here in Alaska! Shout out to Rusty Raven, Intrinsic Landscapes, and my 46 mile crew! We love ya! Jah Bless!


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